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What does artificial grass cost?

If you're thinking of installing artificial grass in your garden, you might be wondering how much does artificial grass cost?

Although there is an initial outlay which may seem expensive, over time you will actually save money and time by not having to maintain your lawn as you would with real grass. (We actually laid and maintained real grass lawns in London from 2005-2013 until we saw the benefits of the best quality artificial fake grass ).

The cost of fake grass lawn varies depending on the area you are looking to cover. If you have a baby or small children, you may consider our top artificial lawn products Namgrass Enigma or Namgrass Elise. Both of these products are super soft and incredibly realistic at approximately £34.99m2. Namgrass Elise is currently on sale at just £29.99m2 (at time of writing).

If you're looking for a hard wearing, durable and realistic mid-range price fake lawn for your children, family or pets, Namgrass Green Meadow has been incredibly popular amongst our customers at just £24.99m2 with a 10 year guarantee.

The perfect outdoor artificial grass for roof terraces, shops, showrooms and promotional stands Namgrass Green Basic, is one of the budget fake lawn in our range at just £9.99m2.

Fake grass installation costs vary depending on the surface where your artificial lawn is to go and materials required including hardcore base, weed fabric, glue, tape, waste removal etc. Prices vary from approximately £35m2-£50m2.

To give you an example based on a 20m2 area:

Real grass

To install and lay would be approximately £800.

If you then had to pay someone to maintain the lawn, you would be looking at approximately £35 per visit x twice a month (9 months of the year) and once a month (3 months of the year). Therefore 21 visits per year @ approximately $35 per visit = £735 + green waste removal if required, fertilising and scarifying etc.

The same area supplied and fitted with Namgrass Green Meadow artificial grass would be approximately £1500. You would then save on the maintenance costs, have no mud, no more mowing, a fabulous looking lawn all year round and more time on your hands to enjoy your lawn!

If you would like a free artificial grass quote for installation and Namgrass product samples from Oasisgrass, email or phone 0845 330 5665 now!

*Prices correct at time of writing and depend on work required and materials required.

Namgrass artificial grass installer London

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