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Frequently asked questions


Do you supply and install artificial lawns?

Yes, we supply and install Namgrass, one of the best artificial grass products on the market today.


What type of grass is best for me?

Depending on your requirements, we have various types of artificial grasses available. See for more information. Whether you’re a private house and need a new lawn, rooftop terrace, shop, children’s nursery, kindergarten, school,  business premises or holding an event, we have artificial grass to suit your requirements.


How do I maintain my artificial lawn?

If you have trees nearby, you can rake your leaves away or use a blower. Other than that, your lawn requires minimal maintenance. No mowing, re-seeding, scarifying or watering ever again!


How long is it guaranteed?

The majority of our Namgrass artificial lawns have a 10 year product warranty.


Is it pet and child friendly?

Yes! Your children will love their new soft lawn, your pets will also.


How do I clean up after my pets?

Simply scoop away your cat or dog mess then spray off with water.


What happens if it gets wet?

Your artificial grass has a backing with small pores to allow water to flow through and disperse into the ground below.


Will my lawn have joins?

Depending on the size and shape of your lawn, you may require rolls of artificial grass to be taped and glued together.


If my lawn has joins, will they be strong?

The glue we use is so strong, the joins will be super strong!


What is the width of the grass rolls?

The rolls come in 4m and 2m widths.


What types of places can you lay the artificial lawn?

Artificial grass can be laid over most surfaces. Depending on where you intend to have artificial grass, the process for laying may differ. If you are looking to replace your existing lawn, we would need to excavate your old lawn and lay a new sub base.  Call now to find out more 0845 330 5665.


Can artificial grass be laid over existing paving?

Depending on the state of your paving, it may be ok. Sometimes it is best to remove the existing paving, excavate then lay your sub base to get the best finish. If you’re unsure, we can assist you on the best method.


What about edging for my new lawn from Oasisgrass®?

We supply and install various types of edging including aluminium, brick and wood depending on the finish you require.


When can you do the work for us?

You may have your new lawn sooner than you think! Call us now to check availability on 0845 330 5665.





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