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Whether you're looking to have artificial grass installed in your garden, office, terrace, deck, play ground or any other area, we have a variety of products and artificial grass prices to suit your requirements.

Artificial grass prices


Engima is unrivalled in terms of its soft, dense luxurious feel, yet it boasts high resilience, thanks to the latest grass fibre technology, and its 'diamond' shaped yarn. Pile length 36mm.

Green Meadow

Meadow now feels even more realistic as well as looking more authentic. The 32mm fine, long grass fibres allow Meadow to be more 'open', exposing more of the curled thatch, resulting in a deeper, natural look.

Green Bliss

A new, high quality, low cost addition to our product range. Using the same soft, multi-toned fibres from Mirage, but with an 18mm pile height, Bliss makes an ideal product for roof gardens, play areas, terraces and lawns.

Green Oasis

An extremely dense, multi-toned artificial grass, constructed using the very latest in grass fibre technology. With a mixture of light and medium green tones, and a darker 'thatch effect', it looks and feels like a newly laid 'spring' lawn. Pile length 32mm.

Green Elise
Normally £33.99m2​  NOW £29.99m2

This gives you the best of both worlds. A lush, realistic ultra soft lawn with a pile length of 27mm. Like no other grass on the market, Green Elise is perfect for your garden or landscape.

Concrete Edging

Solid and built to last, this is one of the favourite edging our clients prefer. Once the edging is installed and base added, your grass is glued down around the entire perimeter of your lawn.

Aluminium Edging

Whether it's straight lines or contours, our contemporary aluminium edging will give your new lawn a professional quality finish.

Wood Edging

An alternative to our top of the range aluminium or concrete edging, we can also supply and install wood edging if required.

Choose your preferred artificial grass:

Choose your preferred edging:

Green Basic

A high quality, dense, short pile artificial grass ideal for any outdoor or indoor application where cost is a priority. Basic is great for roof terraces, shops and showrooms. Additional colours are available upon request. Pile length 8mm.

Brick Edging

You may prefer to have brick edging surrounding your new artificial lawn utilising bricks similar to your house or current garden design. Great news! Oasisgrass can supply and install them for you also.

Green Eclipse

Extreme resilience, but unlike other memory/shaped yarn products - Green Eclipse retains a very soft and natural feel. Other features include a dense, dual toned 'thatchzone' and a unique structure making it uncompromised in all aspects. Pile length 32mm.

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